Pheromones and sexual behavior


БезіменнийAlthough there is great controversy in the literature on the functional role of pheromones in human communication and particularly in sexual behavior, further research is needed to better understand the role of pheromones in human behavior.
However, with the current results we can say that in humans there may be a communication feromonal, which undoubtedly opens the range of exin fields of study such as that of regulation the? It has been shown that the hormone levels of the donor subject are important, as mentioned above. But what happens in the recipient subject? What changes are being made to the central nervous system? It is evident and there are reports in this regard that changes in the release of hormones, such as the decrease in the concentration of testosterone and luteinizing hormone.

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What is the role of pheromones in human sexual behavior?

The functional role of pheromones in sexual behavior in humans has been the subject of controversy in recent years. Pheromones are chemicals, which animals use to communicate with each other, producing stereotyped behaviors in the recipient subject.
The vomeronasal organ, as in other lower species, is present in adult humans and is the structure where the receptors that detect pheromones are located. 1% of the entire human genome is designed to detect olfactory stimuli. The role of pheromones in communication among humans has been controversial in the literature. Pheromones are airborne chemical signals released by an individual which affect the physiology or behavior of other members of the same species. The vomeronasal organ is present in adult humans and contains the receptors for pheromones detection in other species. 1% of all the human genome is designed to detect odors.


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How to Attract a Man

Do you want a boy to be completely crazy about you in the same way that you are for him? While you can not force anyone to feel in a certain way, what you can do is work hard and give your feelings a chance to develop. Here are some useful tips to captivate a guy while still being yourself.

1 Have confidence in yourself.

self-confident-girl.jpgYou must show this person how amazing you are, but first you need to know how much you are. Develop confidence in yourself if you feel it is necessary. This does not mean that you have to be boisterous, arrogant, talkative or presumptuous. It simply means that you must reach a point where you feel good about yourself.
You can be safe, sweet and humble, all at the same time. But get ready to get out of your shell. Boys like safe and interesting girls who are in charge of their own lives.
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